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Background to this book


Award winning textbook

Dr Bowling’s started to generate educational material for his courses on skin cancer diagnosis in 2002. He soon realised that the key to diagnosis was in understanding the diagnostic detail seen with dermoscopy. He therefore developed bespoke handouts for his courses, which grew in detail, and became the template for the pages of his textbook.

From starting the textbook it took a little under 3 years to complete. Many hours were spent in the process of drafting and editing text, taking and choosing images for the content of this unique innovative medical textbook. In Autumn 2011 the book was launched, in Lisbon, at the European Academy meeting of Dermatovenereology, where, due to high demand, it was sold out.

The book has subsequently been very well received by both colleagues from across the UK and overseas, and translated into Portuguese and Russian.

In 2012 his textbook was a book winner at the 2012 British Medical Association Book Awards.

Dr Bowling is very grateful to his publisher, Wiley-Blackwell, for their support and interest in publishing this ground-breaking and innovative textbook.

The book is available in all medical bookshops, and online at Amazon and at

Award winning textbook – British Medical Association Book Awards 2012

Selected comments from the judges:

  • “This book is ideal for clinic use, both for diagnosis and for explaining to the patient.”
  • “I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone starting to use a dermatoscope in the clinical setting.”
  • “This is a well-produced book with high quality illustrations and clear text which are easy to interpret and understand.”
  • “This book would be useful to most dermatologists and for those primary care practitioners involved in the assessment of pigmented lesions.”

Selected comments from

  • “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dr Bowling on a couple of occasions, and he is a real gentleman. His book is an absolute masterpiece. Never was the saying “a picture tells a thousand words” more true than in this instance…”
  • “I have learned a huge amount over the last half decade from the teaching of Jonathan Bowling and was delighted to get my hands on his long awaited book…”
  • “Dr Bowling is the acknowledged top UK expert on dermoscopy and has done much more than anyone else in Britain to popularise and teach this invaluable technique…”
  • “This book is mainly images with just a little bit of text, introducing you to the language of dermoscopy, and as such this book complements his talk, and reinforces his teaching and approach…”
  • “I like Bowling’s approach and thoroughly recommend this book for newcomers to dermoscopy in primary care (especially if you have heard Bowling speak)…”
  • “The dermoscopy sceptics are being won over by the growing evidence plus hands on experience and this useful addition to the literature will be of great value particularly to beginners…”
  • “I’m a GP trainee doing a Dermatology rotation, a few people in the department had this book and I liked the look of it, I’ve not been disappointed! It’s easy to read and is in sensible chapters so you can dip into it when you need to! Very happy with my purchase.”

Translation of Diagnostic Dermoscopy

Dr Bowling’s textbook has been translated into Russian.


Russian translation of textbook

Dr Bowling’s textbook has been translated into Portuguese.

Portuguese translation of textbook

Dr Bowling’s textbook has been translated into Chinese.

Chinese translation of textbook