Private patient fees

Dr Bowling provides dermatology services for private patients from the UK and also international patients.

If you have medical insurance, or your treatment is paid by a sponsor or an embassy, please contact your insurer and Dr Bowling, who will agree to work within the pricing structure required.

Insured services – from 01/03/2023

  • Initial consultation                                                £295
  • Follow-up consultation                                         £195

Self-pay services – from 01/03/2023

For private patients who wish to pay for their own treatment the following fees apply:

  • Initial consultation                                                £295
  • Follow-up consultation                                         £195
  • Initial full-body skin cancer screening               £295
  • Follow-up skin cancer screening                         £195
  • Initial full-body skin cancer screening including skin imaging     £350
  • Follow-up skin imaging                                      £240
  • Telephone consultation (advice or post-op)     £195
  • Repeat prescriptions                                             £35

Please note a new consultation charge will apply for anyone who has not had an appointment or been seen within the previous 2 years.


We will send you an email reminder the day before your appointment and if you wish to postpone or cancel, then please contact us by phone or email during office hours. In the event of non-attendance or with less than 12 hours notice, I regret that we will charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the appointment cost.

Additional fees for Dr Bowling

Please note that should a procedure or further tests be recommended, there will be additional professional fees from Dr Bowling.

For private patients who wish to pay for their own treatment the following surgical fees apply:

  • Cryotherapy (up to 3 lesions)                              £100
  • Cryotherapy (4 or more lesions)                        £250 
  • Skin biopsy                                                              £150
  • Skin cancer excision                                              £290

Hospital Charges

In the event of any recommended procedure or further investigation (incl. blood tests) there will be a separate charge from the hospital for pathology, medication, use of facilities, treatments and operating facilities.

Please do investigate these charges prior to any procedure as they are billed separately from the hospital, directly to you or your insurer. We do hold a list of the current procedural fees at the Nuffield Manor Hospital, for self pay patients, and these can be supplied on request.


For patients claiming through medical insurance, please provide your insurance membership number and authorisation code prior to your appointment and directly to us. 

Please also note that hospital reception do not share your insurance details with us,

Should we not receive this information in full and prior to your consultation or procedure, your appointment will be marked as self-funding and you will be required to settle your account on the day.

Any appointments invoiced to insurers, where authorisation has not been given, will be re-invoiced to the patient at the published rates of £295 for an initial consultation and £195 for a follow-up consultation.

Not all insurance companies will bear the cost of consultations or investigations such as blood test, x-ray, scan etc. or cover cancellation fees. Insurance excess fees may also apply. Please make sure that you establish your level of cover before any consultation.

Any fees incurred will be your personal liability; you should therefore ensure that you are familiar with our scale of fees and discuss the likely cost of any investigations with Dr Bowling or myself before they are undertaken.

We accept no responsibility for the non-payment of any fees by insurance companies and reserve the right to secure payment for all costs incurred. Your contractual agreement with your insurer is your business and not that of your doctors’.

Self-funding Patients

For self-paying patients, we will require payment on the day following your consultation and/or treatment. This can be by cheque, cash or credit card (we accept all major credit cards, with the exception of Amex).

Email Correspondence

We send out all communications (appointment confirmations, clinic letters etc) to patients and GP practices via email. Please do let us know if you do not want to receive your communications this way. We confirm that your email address will never be used for marketing or sales purposes, nor will it be passed on to any other party.

Dermatology appointments and the Corona virus

We are now offering a Telemedicine service for patients with specific skin concerns.

Your appointment will be delivered online using a video Telemedicine system via your PC, Mac or tablet with a camera or webcam. This will be in addition to images that you send us prior to your consult.

The charges for these appointments are the same as the initial and follow-up consultation fees listed above. For patients with medical insurance, please establish your level of cover directly with your insurer as our understanding is that a tele-consult will be covered during these uncertain times.

Please contact our office on +44 1865 861577 or email for more information.


To book an appointment at any of Dr Bowling’s clinics in Oxfordshire:

Call 01865 861577
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