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The leading provider of Dermoscopy education in the UK

Dr Jonathan Bowling is an experienced medical educator and believes passionately in passing on his knowledge and skills to other health professionals to improve the diagnosis of skin cancer.

He has been a pioneer in the field of dermoscopy, introducing training courses that give UK GPs, dermatologists and plastic surgeons the skills to use dermoscopy techniques to diagnose skin cancer. He ran his first course back in 2002 and since then, over 4500 health professionals have benefited from his teaching. Over 60% of all British dermatologists have now attended one of his courses and these are now recognised as important within the curriculum for dermatology specialist training in the UK.

His results are reliable and proven to enhance significantly diagnostic accuracy for melanoma. This is a cost-effective strategy for any hospital, GP surgery or clinic as it reduces unnecessary surgery and, of course, of great value to patients.

The current content of the courses  reflect all recent changes and updates in guidelines for best practice and Dr Bowling regularly reviews content and delivery in response to feedback from doctors who have attended.

“Possibly the best course I have attended in 20 years as a GP. Well organised, great communication & highly relevant, a real eye opener”

Dr P Bower, General Practitioner, UK

“If Carlsberg did courses it would be the ‘Dermoscopy Course for Plastic Surgeons’. This course has been extraordinarily useful and beneficial – thanks very much.”

Mr Andy Pay, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, UK

“The standard of teaching on this course is excellent. This is a very relevant skill for all GP’s, Plastics surgeons and dermatologists and should be a fundamental part of training for all practitioners who regularly excise skin lesions.”

Ms Nina Muirhead, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, UK

Booking a course

Dr Bowling  arranges and runs training courses in the UK and throughout Europe. He also lectures on more general aspects of diagnosing skin cancer.

Any GP or consultant whose practice involves looking at skin lesions would benefit from dermoscopy training.

  • Consultant dermoscopy training: Dr Bowling has provided basic and advanced training in Dermoscopy since 2002. He runs advanced courses twice yearly in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

    Dermoscopy-course large file

    Proven to increase diagnostic accuracy

  • Plastic surgeon dermoscopy training: for 14 years now Dr Bowling has organised The Annual International Dermoscopy Course for Plastic Surgeons. Published evidence demonstrates that this course increases the diagnostic accuracy of plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons from across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Canada and Australia have attended his courses.
  • Bespoke NHS department training: Dr Bowling has been commissioned to deliver training for NHS plastic surgery and dermatology departments in Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool, Glasgow, Preston, Plymouth, Swansea, Cheltenham and London. Bespoke courses can be tailored to your department’s needs – please contact Dr Bowling for details.
  • GP dermoscopy training: courses can also be arranged at individual surgeries or by Clinical Commissioning Groups. Providing GPs with the skills to diagnose melanoma more accurately saves many unnecessary referrals to secondary care and means faster treatment for those patients who do have melanoma. Dr Bowling’s courses have been very well received in many GP practices in the South and Central  England. Bespoke courses can be tailored to your CCG’s needs – please contact Dr Bowling for details.

For more information on the courses including published evidence of the impact of Dermoscopy UK training in clinical practice and additional feedback from over 50 clinicians  please click this link Dermoscopy UK Education Information