Skin cancer screening

Dr Bowling offers skin cancer screening at his family-friendly clinics in Oxford and London. Consultations are available with or without a GP referral.

If you are worried about skin cancer and melanoma, or you want all of your moles checked thoroughly to give you peace of mind, come and ask the expert opinion of Dr Jonathan Bowling. He has many years of experience in skin cancer detection and diagnosis and offers friendly, approachable clinics in Oxfordshire and London. Getting an early diagnosis means access to early treatment and that means a greater chance of success, even in cases of malignant melanoma.

Who can benefit from skin cancer screening?

People with risk factors for melanoma and skin cancer include those who have one or more of the following:

  • A history of childhood sunburn
  • A fair skin (particularly pale skin and red hair)
  • Had high UV exposure in the past
  • Lived overseas in a hot climate
  • Worked outdoors
  • Pursued outdoor hobbies
  • A tendency to be a sun-seeker / history of sunbathing
  • A history of sunbed use
  • Multiple moles
  • Multiple atypical moles
  • A  history of skin cancer
  • A  history of melanoma
  • A family history of melanoma
  • A history of immunosuppression

People with more than one of these risk factors may benefit from regular skin cancer screening.