Fed up with spots?

You can spend all the time you like washing your skin, and all the money you want on expensive skin creams, formulas and state of the art treatments, but chances are, from time to time you are going to get spots, just like the rest of us.

Every human body is covered with millions of tiny pores, and inevitably some of these pores will become blocked causing spots large and small, from simple pimples to major boils, papules and pustules.

Naturally, these spots always come along just at the wrong time, when you have a big presentation, when you are about to get married, or when you have just discovered the opposite sex for the first time. So what can you do about spots, and what help is available?

How to deal with spots

In most cases, the golden rule of spots is to leave them alone. Whether you have an isolated blackhead, a nasty red spot on your nose or a rash of itchy spots all over your body, the more you mess with them the worse they will get and the more likely they are to leave a scar. Even if you have the most itchy chicken pox scabs imaginable, you must try your best not to scratch.

Everyone gets spots from time to time, and in most cases, we tend to learn to live with them until they go away. Help is often on your doorstep with your local pharmacy able to help you, with a range of self-administered treatments for your spots, but you need to be patient, as many spot treatments, even those prescribed by your GP or dermatologist, can take a few weeks or even two or three months to work, so you shouldn’t expect any overnight improvements.

When to seek help with spots

As dermatologists, we understand that there are times when spots become too hard to live with. This can be because they have spread and become severe, such as in moderate or severe acne, or when they have become so frequent and annoying that they are starting to affect your emotional wellbeing, sapping your confidence and leaving you depressed about your appearance.

Dermatologists can offer a wide range of practical advice and medications that will help to clear your spots, limit the damage they cause to your skin and reduce both the number and extent of outbreaks. We can provide specialist treatments, from simple prescription strength creams and gels to stronger treatments with tablets, to try to improve both the look and health of your skin problems. We can even take out individual spots in a way that won’t damage the surrounding tissue like you would if you squeezed it.

A family friendly practice

In this section of the website, we explain why spots happen, give you more details about acne, explain about contagious spots, such as measles and chicken pox, and tell you about some of the treatments available at our practice.



“As a family friendly practice, we have particular experience with young people, and understand how devastating spots and acne can be when you are in the social jungles of school and college. You can trust us to have a sympathetic ear and a practical, helpful approach that will help you get back on top of your spots and feeling confident again.”